GWC Framework: The 3D Job Evaluation Framework

GWC Framework: The 3D Job Evaluation Framework


During a call with one of my mentors, I asked him, “How do you know it’s the time to search for another job?”
After this great conversation, and talking for more than an hour, I started to build a framework that I can use to evaluate any job. Whether it's my current one, the next one, or an old one (as retrospective).

The framework was not created out of thin air, but rather a result of personal experience, observation, and gathering insights from others.

The Dimensions

The GWC framework is consistent of three dimensions (3D). I'll mention the dimension based on my importance. The dimensions are:

[G]rowth 💪🏼

The growth dimension is the most important dimension for me. Growth is the experience, knowledge, and learning opportunities 🧠. It’s about how much you’re growing within this job? Think about this dimension as an investment in your experience, as you get paid to learn and grow. Don't get me wrong, this growth is a win-win situation. You grow with the company. In other words, your experience helping the company to grow.

How to evaluate the dimension?

Question yourself: Am I learning and growing during the job? What am I learning? Do I need to spend my private time to grow? Am I challenged enough?

In case you found a growth within the job, ask yourself: Do I grow in something I like? Whether it's a domain, a framework, a language, or a title. In case you think the growth is the investment to get more compensation (another dimension), maybe ask yourself: Am I growing in something that will increase my compensation?

[W]ellness 🧘🏻

Some people don't care about this dimension and it's the most ignored one. It can be that you’re starting your career, and you ‘re welling to care less about this dimension. Or it can be that you need to focus and invest in the growth dimension. The important part is the awareness 🎗️. You need to be aware and mindful about your choice. You must think about when it's the time to take care about your wellness and health. You don’t need to risk going into a burnout state. Believe me, you don’t need to go there, you will lose the ability to grow and be compensated.

How to evaluate the dimension?

Question yourself: Do I feel stressed after signing-off? Can I do fun and hobby things after you finish your day? Can I pick something to learn or do in the career after work? Do you feel fresh when waking up every morning?

[C]ompensation 💰

This is an easy and obvious dimension. It's the money 💶 and how much you're getting paid to do the job 🤑. This is more than the base salary. Sometimes, the company pays other expenses for you. Examples, health insurance, 13th month (virtual month), home internet, or wellness budget.

How to evaluate the dimension?

Ask yourself: Am I getting a good salary based on the market? Am I caring less about this dimension because I'm investing in another dimension?